Tips For Keeping Up The Trend Of Cryptocurrency In 2018

Tips For Keeping Up The Trend Of Cryptocurrency In 2018

2017 was a revolutionary year for Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular. This year the market saw the maximum fluctuation high of 1500% and pulled the rest of the market along with it. Not only Bitcoin all other altcoins were also growing as well. The Cryptocurrencies from Ethereum blockchain valued over 7000% and even Litecoin grew at similar competitive rates. But it was Ripple who walked as a showstopper with 37000% development.

The success stories of cryptocurrency were all over the internet. Some of the user-friendly trade exchanges got the good exposure. People were more interested in buying a small portion of crypto gold through these exchanges. In 2017 Bitcoin became sixth most profitable currency of the world. There is the small possibility that the entire US may start the following cryptocurrency as their sole currency.

The major issue the government is facing with cryptocurrency is that of anonymity. If the government itself takes the initiative of controlling the blockchain and creates its own cryptocurrency, it will gain visibility of all the records from all the exchanges.

Last 13 months Bitcoin has gained maximum attention and has changed the scenario of the financial world. initially, Bitcoin was the only talk of the town, its contenders are also not left behind. Almost all of them have registered good developmental rates.

Expected cryptocurrency trend for the current year

  1. dApps to gain traction

There are almost 910 dApps developed on the Ethereum platform itself, which are likely to be released in the current year. now the possibilities are endless with Oracle connection of real-world data to the smart contracts for the special cases like tokenization, lending, payment etc. with the addition of new functionality added to dApp investors are looking forward to pulling in more resources.

  1. Scalability can take the center stage

With the blast in popularity of cryptocurrency last year, the quantity of exchanges made over the blockchain has also increased exponentially. The well-known blockchains are facing congestion issue.   However, Ethereum has stated that it can deal with 1million exchanges in a day, but it won’t be enough.

The distinctive blockchain conventions are targeting to solve this scalability issues. Even the developers are working hard to overcome this problem.

Future of virtual currencies in 2018

In the running year, we can definitely expect the government to regularise these currencies. We can also expect the appearance of many new altcoins. The government of different countries is also trying to bring out their own blockchain based Cryptocurrencies, it is a well-known fact that the majority will support the administration backed virtual currencies. Click Is Crypto CFD Trader a scam will give you more insight into it.