Should you put off that vacation?

Work can be exhausting both mentally and physically and everybody needs a rejuvenating and refreshing break. While it is fun to plan a vacation and the pleasures of shopping, delectable cuisines, and the sightseeing trips,  taking stock of your finances might not be equally encouraging.

Many a time people put off taking a vacation for a later date as they slog away saving for that golden moment when airfare will be affordable, hotel rates reasonable and season conducive. Most of them cant even imagine a spontaneous vacation because of the paucity of funds.

But according to several studies, short breaks between monotonous and hectic work life will not only perk up your mood but will also improve your productivity. Even brain scientists claim that a change of environment and surroundings are essential for the proper functioning of the human brain tired from numbers and computer screens.

How can I afford a vacation?

The rising costs of essentials and air travel have made it difficult for people to even get away for the weekend leave alone a full-fledged vacation. Paid holidays and minimal and in some cases there is no paid vacation. But all is not lost, you can still have your little breaks by following the below tips.

  1. Budget wisely: Put aside a small amount of your monthly income for travel each month. This way you will never be caught unprepared should a great travel deal come along or should you feel the need for a break. Regular saving puts little strain on your income and before you realize the amount accumulated is substantial.
  2. Plan the trip: If flying is not an option hit the road as gas is cheap. You can cut on your eating costs also by stocking up on deli food for your lunch and dinner. Staycation saves on your lodging. Look out for discount coupons and deals to make the most of what you have. With a little planning, a lot can be achieved with very little.
  3. Keep tabs on travel deals: Set up alerts on your devices for flash deals by airlines or travel agencies on any promotions.

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