Entrepreneurship-running own business

An entrepreneur is a person or an individual who runs a small business on their own without working as an employee in an organization. Entrepreneurship is just the study about of creation of a business and the process involved in the business. Nowadays, there is a separate course for this in college. Many students are in love with this course. Because nobody wishes to work under a boss, everyone wants them to be the boss.

The requirement to start a business:

There are some steps to follow while starting a new business.

  • The concept of the business should be initially framed so that we can easily start and run.
  • The business needs some resources for the development. So, employees are must to run a successful business.
  • The technology needed for the business development should be created.
  • Money is the first thing needed for any business. So, the entrepreneurs should be ready with some amount of money for the business.

Why business gets started:

Many entrepreneurs do not want to work in a routine 9-5 job under a lead control. So, they are very eager in starting their own businesses. There are some reasons for the entrepreneurs to start a business. They are as follows.

  1. Control- The first reason is the entrepreneurs want the control over the business and they want to be the boss.
  2. Financial- The businessmen want to earn more money to live a luxurious life. So, the entrepreneurs start their own business and try to run it successfully with the emerging technology.
  3. Ambition: Everyone have some ambitions in life. We all work hard to reach our passion in life. The entrepreneurs want something to make themselves to reach the aim. So, they will start a new business in which field they are well versed and run that in a perfect manner.

Kind of business to start:

The kind of business which the persons going to start purely depends on the individuals. It can be based on any one of the following.

  • Interest
  • Financial status
  • Network connections
  • The past experience in the field
  • The trending needs in the market
  • The ability to solve the type of problems


Thus conclude that there are many entrepreneurs who succeeded in life by doing businesses on their own. Some of the famous entrepreneurs are Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and the list will go on. They will deposit the money earned from the business into some trading software to buy or sell trades. We can use this review as a step to start a business and succeed in life as the best entrepreneur in future.