Tips For Keeping Up The Trend Of Cryptocurrency In 2018

Tips For Keeping Up The Trend Of Cryptocurrency In 2018

2017 was a revolutionary year for Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular. This year the market saw the maximum fluctuation high of 1500% and pulled the rest of the market along with it. Not only Bitcoin all other altcoins were also growing as well. The Cryptocurrencies from Ethereum blockchain valued over 7000% and even Litecoin grew at similar competitive rates. But it was Ripple who walked as a showstopper with 37000% development.

The success stories of cryptocurrency were all over the internet. Some of the user-friendly trade exchanges got the good exposure. People were more interested in buying a small portion of crypto gold through these exchanges. In 2017 Bitcoin became sixth most profitable currency of the world. There is the small possibility that the entire US may start the following cryptocurrency as their sole currency.

The major issue the government is facing with cryptocurrency is that of anonymity. If the government itself takes the initiative of controlling the blockchain and creates its own cryptocurrency, it will gain visibility of all the records from all the exchanges.

Last 13 months Bitcoin has gained maximum attention and has changed the scenario of the financial world. initially, Bitcoin was the only talk of the town, its contenders are also not left behind. Almost all of them have registered good developmental rates.

Expected cryptocurrency trend for the current year

  1. dApps to gain traction

There are almost 910 dApps developed on the Ethereum platform itself, which are likely to be released in the current year. now the possibilities are endless with Oracle connection of real-world data to the smart contracts for the special cases like tokenization, lending, payment etc. with the addition of new functionality added to dApp investors are looking forward to pulling in more resources.

  1. Scalability can take the center stage

With the blast in popularity of cryptocurrency last year, the quantity of exchanges made over the blockchain has also increased exponentially. The well-known blockchains are facing congestion issue.   However, Ethereum has stated that it can deal with 1million exchanges in a day, but it won’t be enough.

The distinctive blockchain conventions are targeting to solve this scalability issues. Even the developers are working hard to overcome this problem.

Future of virtual currencies in 2018

In the running year, we can definitely expect the government to regularise these currencies. We can also expect the appearance of many new altcoins. The government of different countries is also trying to bring out their own blockchain based Cryptocurrencies, it is a well-known fact that the majority will support the administration backed virtual currencies. Click Is Crypto CFD Trader a scam will give you more insight into it.





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Bitcoin- the Standard Traders

Bitcoin- the Standard Traders

A stock market is a place where stocks are traded or exchanged. Investopedia explains it as a collection of markets and exchanges where the issuing and trading equities bonds.

Trading keeps the economy moving; normally we can see the traders are using sovereign currency as payment. However, we can see virtual currency is also used for trading. Today, no longer limited to just trading stocks, we have more selections, such as cryptocurrencies and Forex. To know more the basic and main assets to choose from continue reading which can benefit a trader.


Trading cryptocurrencies have become more popular nowadays. In fact, you can see people who used to trade stocks have switched on to trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be very lucrative, for example, if you had invested $400 in Bitcoin way back in 2009 you would have been a billionaire by now. That’s how trading with Bitcoin works.

The fact is the normal price for cryptocurrency will increase 1000% more in a short span of time. The price of cryptocurrency can increase to 100% in a weeks’ time, that is one of the reasons that people are keen to learn more about this market.

Forex Platform

When it comes to online trading, Forex needs no introduction, it refers to the exchange of foreign currencies, as the price fluctuates against other the trader can make a profit. Forex is known as being the largest and most liquid market in the world. Its daily trading volume is more than $ trillion.Indeed, it is the biggest and most active market in the world.

Life of A trader

As a trader, you get to be your own boss, you are responsible for everything. You make your own decision and nothing will happen unless you do something. Trading Bitcoins is completely transparent, the details of all transaction are stored in one online ledger called blockchain, hence the trading is very secure. Bank transaction can cut up to 10% of your money but bitcoins don’t charge for such.

There are several other reasons for trading

It is noninflationary. Unlike conventional currencies that can trigger inflation if there is excess in the economy. bitcoins doesn’t trigger and the value remains the same. You own your bitcoin account, other electronic payment organizations are owned by some organizations and hence that organization has the right to freeze your account. But in the case of bitcoin, you are your own boss so no one can freeze your account.

Having the single medium of exchange will help the size of the economy to grow as willing a large number of traders to use the medium of exchange. The larger the size of the economy the larger the opportunities for gains from exchange and specialization and perhaps, the longer and more sophisticating the trade can be for traders.

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Trade

3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Trade

Things have become a lot simpler with just a click of a button. Digitalization and automation have taken the world by a storm and so has automated trading. Automation in trading has helped many to enhance their returns on investments. However, it is necessary to develop a good and consistent strategy that promises effective results.

One of the main reasons why automated trading has an upper edge over manual trading is because of the ability of the automated robot or the math algorithm that has the potential to enter and exit different trade positions once they are pre-determined based on the set criteria. However, mistakes do happen. Here is a look at the top 3 mistakes that you should avoid while trading, be it in the manual mode or using the automated robot.

  1. Do not tend to average down.

Although you may be wary and not intend to average down, there come situations that push traders into this pit unknowingly. The main reason why you are pushed into such circumstances is that you might be holding onto a badly losing position. Trading offers only very limited opportunities, hence traders are in a rush to seize the maximum. In such cases, you are at a risk of losing both your money and time and in such cases you tend to average down. Sometimes it may not cause much damage and result in a margin call. However, it is not considered a good practice. Be sure to exit losing/bad trades at the earliest.

  1. Do not trade as soon as you hear the News.

It is only natural to trade based on what you hear. The moment the big news drops, the market is hyperactive with major spikes in the trends almost instantaneously. You might also be tempted to jump right in and make some big bucks. However, experienced and mature traders call this act as undisciplined trading. Always ensure that you practice planned disciplined trading to avoid major losses and to earn systematic profits. Be sure to check the price volatility of your assets and allow it to subside to a normalized trend before you take the plunge. Do not go by this review or that news and spoil your chances of winning.

  1. Do not trade on holidays

This does not discourage you from trading over the weekends but what it means is that try to avoid certain days of interest such as on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year, and others. You might see it as lost opportunities but these days are usually challenged with major volatility and huge volumes, which will land you on unpredictable price fluctuations. Therefore, be prepared and anticipate such unusual market conditions.

Different people commit different mistakes. However, the key is to learn from these mistakes and progress ahead by learning newer strategies to tackle the market. There are many different opportunities to be seized and it is not going anywhere. Hence, practice disciplined trading by trading at the right time in the right course.


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Advertising the Business Online is Essential

Advertising the Business Online is Essential

Starting a business of your own is a dream comes true for anyone, however spending a lot of money in promoting the business, the services and products in whatever way, exhausts the financial resources soon, without having a great impact on the sales is more frustrating than ever. The worry from all these possibilities are slowly over as the era of online advertising has made a revolution in bringing forward the best form what a customer wants and what is out there in the virtual space for all.

Printing fliers, sponsoring local events, have come of age, newer ways are there to explore on the internet, the products and services get highlighted at the right platform, for free without any charges to be paid to access the websites. Alternate methods of promoting the business online like Crypto CFD Trader without incurring additional costs are popular,

  • Using the internet search engines to register the business online is simple and accessible from anywhere, filling the form, and registering the business is all that you have to do; once the verification process is complete, the database gets updated in the search engine and Voila! your business is all set to be showcased to the world
  • using social media to the extent that is helpful for your business is highly recommended by experts, there is no dearth of customers who will recognize the best from the vast ocean of products and services
  • connecting with the customers directly today is important, writing blogs and interacting with the diversified customers from across the globe will give a wider scope of products to reach out global audience and in the process cater to customers from different geographical locations
  • joining hands with a local community and posting about the outcomes of the day frequently in the business in general and cater to the needs of audiences who always are looking for something unique and different will be an added advantage
  • it may not be a business-specific discussion in the community group, it is rather a touch point with various other like-minded people, keeping business out of discussions is a rewarding and enriching experience
  • Press releases about anything new happening n the company, new ventures, product line, feedbacks about existing marketing activities serve a great deal in picking the best and highlighting it to the internet friendly community about what is happening currently in your business, to be accessed anyone who has an interest in your products and services.


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Similar In Structure Of Traditional Banks But Serves Different Institutions

Similar In Structure Of Traditional Banks But Serves Different Institutions

Money Center Banks in Brief

These banks are structured in the same manner as the traditional banks are, but the only change is that borrowing and loaning tasks are done with the following institutes:

  • Normal banks
  • Governments
  • Large firms

Money center banks that are financial organization and branches that are a delegate of such organizations usually will not loan money to customers and neither will they borrow from them.

Let us understand in depth

The major economic centers like Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and New York is the place where generally the money center banks are situated. Such banks are associated with a financial system that is national and international with the huge balance sheets they have. Cryptocurrency can be traded nationally and internationally using Crypto CFD Trader.

Let us understand with an example

Let us list a couple of banks that have huge money center banks in the United States

  • Citi
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank of America
  • JP Morgan

Above-mentioned are just a few among many banks. All these banks had to struggle financially when there was a financial crisis in the year 2008, but the U.S. Federal Reserve entered during this crisis which was able to bring mortgages back with the help of three stages of quantitative easing.

The United States’ homeownership spiked to 70% in the year 2004 and in the last quarter of 2005 homeownership price started falling. This fall in the price led the U.S. Home Construction Index to reduce to 40% in the year 2006. During this time it was difficult to resist this high rate of interest by the people who were subprime borrowers, furthermore, they started to fail to pay their loans. By the time it was 2007 a lot of subprime loaner started filing for bankruptcy. All this led to rippling effect on either financial industry of the United States and this obviously hit several money center banks forcefully.

During the phase of quantitative easing, there was a stable stream of money to all such financial institutes. With the help of this, they were able to derive new loans and mortgages which supported universal economic retrieval.

However, when the ceasing of QE plan happened, a lot of them had a concern that the growth of money center banks will happen organically if it doesn’t have any support. They thought so because the charges applied on loan and mortgage interest rate were the main source of income of these banks.

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Cryptocurrency debit cards and their benefits

Cryptocurrencies are upgraded versions of digital currencies that can also be denoted by a variety of assets. Cryptocurrencies are being used for making purchases as there are businesses that accept them for online payments. Trading with cryptocurrencies is straightforward if you choose a trading bot like Bitcoin Code. You can also read a full review to know about what the bot offers to the traders.

As businesses have started exploring the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency payments the spending patterns have changed. There are many who now own a bulk of cryptocurrencies and spend them online. So the crypto wallets were introduced. These are handy in helping crypto investors secure their stash of cryptocurrencies in software or hardware storage and add a secure authentication procedure. And there is yet another concept that is catching up and that is cryptocurrency debit card.

What is a cryptocurrency debit card?

When you own a debit card it would be linked to your account and you would be able to use it at any point-of-service device. When you have the card and when you have the authentication details then you would be able to make the payment. The same convenience of being able to pay with your cryptocurrencies using a card is what cryptocurrency debit cards offer. Though the concept is in its nascent stages there is a good potential for the concept to be widely accepted.

What are the options?

Cryptocurrency cards can come in the form of prepaid cards or as debit cards, the latter being more convenient. The process is achieved with the help of an exchange to support the transactions with the card. The conversions of FIAT to cryptocurrencies and vice versa would be handled by the card provider. The process might not be complicated because using digital payment methods has become a common scenario. There are many places where you can use digital wallets or mobile wallets to quickly transfer funds or process your payments irrespective of the amount being handled.

What is the future of cryptocurrency debit cards?

Cryptocurrency debit cards are highly likely to get more and more popular in the future. The only barriers that the development of cryptocurrency debit cards is facing as of now is the resistance to the new technology which is slowly melting away as people have started understanding the potential of this technology.


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