Beginners Guide In Choosing a Broker

Beginners Guide In Choosing a Broker

You cannot begin the trading process without the brokerage account. Choosing an ideal broker will be different if you are a young investor than it would be choosing for an older investor but of the same level of experience.  Picking the broker needs to be done with careful contemplation but not all the brokers are apt for all investors.

But in case of trading of cryptocurrencies instead of choosing a broker, you need to choose the trading platform like BTC profit. Learn more about the process of choosing the platform and how it works.


Before you pick a broker, you need to know what constitutes or who the broker is. There are two kinds of brokers:

  • Regular brokers: These are the brokers who deal directly with the clients
  • Broker-resellers: These brokers act as the intermediaries between larger broker and client

The regular brokers are typically considered more reputable when compared to broker-resellers.

The broker can also be classified as discount brokers and full-service brokers. The full-service brokers offer more services to their clients than the discount brokers. But the services offered to come with a price.  All the legwork is done by the broker in case of the full-service broker.  They provide individualized research and suggestions along with one-on-one advice. But you need to keep in mind that when you execute a transaction, you will end up paying more if you use the service of the full-service broker as it includes the broker fees.

Hence if you are a young investor it is advisable that you choose discount broker even though many people would suggest going ahead with a full-service broker.  The full-service broker will not be feasible financially for young people as it comes out expensive. Besides, nowadays many people opt for online discount brokers who provide the investors with different tools for people who are inexperienced and are not so sure about the next step to be taken.  In addition to this, it helps you in learning a whole lot about investing if you do the work all by yourself.

Minimum and margins

Most of the brokers do have a minimum balance to be deposited while you start the brokerage account. Hence you need to find out about that amount before you begin the process.

Even though a beginner does not wish to open up a margin account but it is definitely something which you need to think about in future. Hence it is important to be aware of the charges on margin.






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Money Saving Ideas

Money Saving Ideas

The financial journey is not the same for all, there are all sorts of ups and downs in this line and one has to face it, without any escape. Be it an earning member or a business magnate, one has to see and face the ups and downs.

Financial planning is a tougher job if you don’t analyze it well. If you analyze it, then you can win it anyway!! Hence there is always a need for the creamy layer of people, who do this analysis job, in finances, who tell you what is right for your risk appetite and your goal.

In case you are still looking for increasing your income, then try your hand at crypto trading would be the ideal way to make money in less time and without any much losses. The system now has robot systems that give you signal when the markets are in the profit mode, allowing you to gain maximum benefit out of your money. This post will highlight about the best trading platform that will give you exactly what you have wanted for, more money with low losses.

If you are earning a decent income, yet don’t have any savings, then its high time that you thought about it and took some action. Any plan that is still lying on the paper isn’t going to work for you, you need to put the plan into action and then check its effectiveness. Here are a few simple and doable tips to save money, without much compromising.

Check for bank accounts that give you an edge over spending:

Many banks account these days have offers rolled out every day and on salary day, some surprising deals and others. So, if you are paying annual charges at your bank, then check and utilize the offers and deals. If your bank doesn’t have such things, then you need to look out for the one that gives you offers and deals. So start hunting for such banks and get one account opened for you. these days, many banks go purely online and give offers that can be redeemed at various locations and various joints.

Get into selling mode:

If you have too many things of one kind, say for example you have too many gadgets, like phones, tablets, iPads, and others, then it’s the best time to start selling them for 50-40% price and utilize that money to buy something that you need. If your things are in good condition then you can always make money through it.



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How Powerful Social Media Is For Business

How Powerful Social Media Is For Business

Is there anyone who does not have an account in social media? The answer is obviously a big no. Nowadays everybody from a small kid to old age people has their own accounts in social media and this is really both happy and sad news. The social media has both advantages and disadvantages in it. But it is better to take only positives from it. We can say the social media is one of the most powerful media to make our business to reach all the people living in all parts of the world. In Facebook, if we post some ads about our business products and services, our friends and the friends of friends will be seeing it so that the promotion of business will reach greater heights and thus we can increase the profits easily.

On LinkedIn, we can get connected with many famous businessmen and it will help us to know about their business products and how they are running it successfully. We can also learn the ways to make our business popular in the market among the people and we can also talk to them about collaboration. Business collaboration will always make a profitable return than doing the business alone. In LinkedIn, we can give advertisements about the vacancies available in our organization as it may reach many people who are searching for a better job.

In Facebook we can even open a separate page with the details about our organization and the people will get to know about it easily. In that page, we should give our address and contact number so that the business customers can reach us directly in person whenever they want to. There are many groups available in Facebook in which many top businessmen will be present and they all will share their business thoughts and ideas with the other people in the group. The ideas they share will be very useful for the other ones and they will use it for their future business steps if needed.

Thus conclude that social media is always a power source to enhance our business to the next level. We can even give our reviews about the business products we used in a separate page named review on BTC profit and the reviews we give will be very useful for the other businessmen to know about the business products and services the other organizations offer. This is very important that we should not depend on social media fully and use it for every move we do in our business.


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Tips For Keeping Up The Trend Of Cryptocurrency In 2018

Tips For Keeping Up The Trend Of Cryptocurrency In 2018

2017 was a revolutionary year for Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular. This year the market saw the maximum fluctuation high of 1500% and pulled the rest of the market along with it. Not only Bitcoin all other altcoins were also growing as well. The Cryptocurrencies from Ethereum blockchain valued over 7000% and even Litecoin grew at similar competitive rates. But it was Ripple who walked as a showstopper with 37000% development.

The success stories of cryptocurrency were all over the internet. Some of the user-friendly trade exchanges got the good exposure. People were more interested in buying a small portion of crypto gold through these exchanges. In 2017 Bitcoin became sixth most profitable currency of the world. There is the small possibility that the entire US may start the following cryptocurrency as their sole currency.

The major issue the government is facing with cryptocurrency is that of anonymity. If the government itself takes the initiative of controlling the blockchain and creates its own cryptocurrency, it will gain visibility of all the records from all the exchanges.

Last 13 months Bitcoin has gained maximum attention and has changed the scenario of the financial world. initially, Bitcoin was the only talk of the town, its contenders are also not left behind. Almost all of them have registered good developmental rates.

Expected cryptocurrency trend for the current year

  1. dApps to gain traction

There are almost 910 dApps developed on the Ethereum platform itself, which are likely to be released in the current year. now the possibilities are endless with Oracle connection of real-world data to the smart contracts for the special cases like tokenization, lending, payment etc. with the addition of new functionality added to dApp investors are looking forward to pulling in more resources.

  1. Scalability can take the center stage

With the blast in popularity of cryptocurrency last year, the quantity of exchanges made over the blockchain has also increased exponentially. The well-known blockchains are facing congestion issue.   However, Ethereum has stated that it can deal with 1million exchanges in a day, but it won’t be enough.

The distinctive blockchain conventions are targeting to solve this scalability issues. Even the developers are working hard to overcome this problem.

Future of virtual currencies in 2018

In the running year, we can definitely expect the government to regularise these currencies. We can also expect the appearance of many new altcoins. The government of different countries is also trying to bring out their own blockchain based Cryptocurrencies, it is a well-known fact that the majority will support the administration backed virtual currencies. Click Is Crypto CFD Trader a scam will give you more insight into it.





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Bitcoin- the Standard Traders

Bitcoin- the Standard Traders

A stock market is a place where stocks are traded or exchanged. Investopedia explains it as a collection of markets and exchanges where the issuing and trading equities bonds.

Trading keeps the economy moving; normally we can see the traders are using sovereign currency as payment. However, we can see virtual currency is also used for trading. Today, no longer limited to just trading stocks, we have more selections, such as cryptocurrencies and Forex. To know more the basic and main assets to choose from continue reading which can benefit a trader.


Trading cryptocurrencies have become more popular nowadays. In fact, you can see people who used to trade stocks have switched on to trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be very lucrative, for example, if you had invested $400 in Bitcoin way back in 2009 you would have been a billionaire by now. That’s how trading with Bitcoin works.

The fact is the normal price for cryptocurrency will increase 1000% more in a short span of time. The price of cryptocurrency can increase to 100% in a weeks’ time, that is one of the reasons that people are keen to learn more about this market.

Forex Platform

When it comes to online trading, Forex needs no introduction, it refers to the exchange of foreign currencies, as the price fluctuates against other the trader can make a profit. Forex is known as being the largest and most liquid market in the world. Its daily trading volume is more than $ trillion.Indeed, it is the biggest and most active market in the world.

Life of A trader

As a trader, you get to be your own boss, you are responsible for everything. You make your own decision and nothing will happen unless you do something. Trading Bitcoins is completely transparent, the details of all transaction are stored in one online ledger called blockchain, hence the trading is very secure. Bank transaction can cut up to 10% of your money but bitcoins don’t charge for such.

There are several other reasons for trading

It is noninflationary. Unlike conventional currencies that can trigger inflation if there is excess in the economy. bitcoins doesn’t trigger and the value remains the same. You own your bitcoin account, other electronic payment organizations are owned by some organizations and hence that organization has the right to freeze your account. But in the case of bitcoin, you are your own boss so no one can freeze your account.

Having the single medium of exchange will help the size of the economy to grow as willing a large number of traders to use the medium of exchange. The larger the size of the economy the larger the opportunities for gains from exchange and specialization and perhaps, the longer and more sophisticating the trade can be for traders.

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Trade

3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Trade

Things have become a lot simpler with just a click of a button. Digitalization and automation have taken the world by a storm and so has automated trading. Automation in trading has helped many to enhance their returns on investments. However, it is necessary to develop a good and consistent strategy that promises effective results.

One of the main reasons why automated trading has an upper edge over manual trading is because of the ability of the automated robot or the math algorithm that has the potential to enter and exit different trade positions once they are pre-determined based on the set criteria. However, mistakes do happen. Here is a look at the top 3 mistakes that you should avoid while trading, be it in the manual mode or using the automated robot.

  1. Do not tend to average down.

Although you may be wary and not intend to average down, there come situations that push traders into this pit unknowingly. The main reason why you are pushed into such circumstances is that you might be holding onto a badly losing position. Trading offers only very limited opportunities, hence traders are in a rush to seize the maximum. In such cases, you are at a risk of losing both your money and time and in such cases you tend to average down. Sometimes it may not cause much damage and result in a margin call. However, it is not considered a good practice. Be sure to exit losing/bad trades at the earliest.

  1. Do not trade as soon as you hear the News.

It is only natural to trade based on what you hear. The moment the big news drops, the market is hyperactive with major spikes in the trends almost instantaneously. You might also be tempted to jump right in and make some big bucks. However, experienced and mature traders call this act as undisciplined trading. Always ensure that you practice planned disciplined trading to avoid major losses and to earn systematic profits. Be sure to check the price volatility of your assets and allow it to subside to a normalized trend before you take the plunge. Do not go by this review or that news and spoil your chances of winning.

  1. Do not trade on holidays

This does not discourage you from trading over the weekends but what it means is that try to avoid certain days of interest such as on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year, and others. You might see it as lost opportunities but these days are usually challenged with major volatility and huge volumes, which will land you on unpredictable price fluctuations. Therefore, be prepared and anticipate such unusual market conditions.

Different people commit different mistakes. However, the key is to learn from these mistakes and progress ahead by learning newer strategies to tackle the market. There are many different opportunities to be seized and it is not going anywhere. Hence, practice disciplined trading by trading at the right time in the right course.


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