Knowing The Basics Of Derivatives

Knowing The Basics Of Derivatives

A financial contract which derives its own value from the underlying asset is known as derivative. The buyer makes an agreement to buy the assets at a particular price on a particular date. Basically, the derivative is associated with commodities like gold, gasoline or oil. Also, it is associated with currencies.  Nowadays, the trading of currencies could be easily done with the help of trading bots such as bitcoin trader which has been able to create wealth for its user in a short period of time.

In the case of derivatives, the seller of the contract need not have to own any underlying asset. He could just fulfill then derivative contract by handing over the money to the buyer to purchase the asset at the prevailing price. Or else, he can buy another derivative contract which will offset the first contract’s value. This characteristic makes the derivative easier to trade as compared to asset itself.

Mostly the derivates are traded between the traders or organization that personally knows each other. Hence these are called OTC or over the counter transactions. Also, they are traded with the help of an intermediary mostly a large bank. Only 4% of the total derivatives in the world get traded on exchanges. These exchanges which are public set contract terms that are standardized. They set the discounts or premiums on contract price. This standardization helps in improving the derivative’s liquidity. It is more helpful for the hedging purpose.

Risks of trading in derivatives

The derivatives basically have four huge risks:

  • It is quite impossible to know about the real value of the derivatives- The value of the derivative is based on the value of the underlying security which makes it complex to know about real value.
  • Leverage- The future traders are required only to put few percents like 2 to 10% of contract value into the margin in order to maintain ownership. If the underlying asset value drops, then they need to keep adding money to margin account in order to maintain the contract. If the value keeps dropping, jut covering the margin account will lead to huge losses.
  • Time restriction- As there’s a specified time limit is set when the contract is made, it makes it risky to hold onto to the agreement for quite a long period. No one is certain what will happen in future.
  • Potential for scams- Fraud is very much prevalent in the derivatives Hence you need to be very much cautious while dealing with derivatives.




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Be A Part Of Day Trading

Be A Part Of Day Trading

More and more are getting attracted to the world of trading because of the varied benefits it possesses. Mostly it attracts youngsters than the aged people. As you age, you tend not to risk your money and would prefer to invest in low-risk assets which give you stable and consistent income.

Day trading is easy, lucrative and simple if you learn the tricks of the trade. In order to do that you should learn all about it so you are equipped with the knowledge to begin your trading career. Also, there is an option to choose an automated trading robot to conduct trades for you. Continue reading to learn about the various trading platforms available.

The benefits of day trading vary from person to person.  Below mentioned are few of the benefits that day trading offers to everyone.


Eliminates overnight risk- The market usually fluctuates overnight. A stock which has closed at a high price can open at a low level on the next day which will result in wiping out all the profits you were holding onto. Any political development, natural disaster or any kinds of news will disturb the market. Day trading helps in eliminating this havoc completely.  One could sleep like a baby at the night without any worries if you opt for day trading.

Offers you the opportunity to learn – It gives you a lot of opportunities to learn and also test different types of trading technique and pattern in a short span of time. Man is pressed for time and any means which will help in saving time is a blessing.

Offers opportunity to leverage investment- Many times the brokers offer their clients to hold securities that are more than their capital margin. It gives you the opportunity to have control on more investment than what is available.  A prudent trader could multiply his profits many times. In this case, he can make more money by investing in small amount than he would have earned in other business by investing the same amount. The small-time investors get attracted by this leverage

Day trading is considered as a home-based business- Day trading does not require one to spend on any major infrastructure. No furnishing, no shop, no boss, no workers. People who do not have the option to go out and work can easily do day trading at home to make money.  All you should do is to invest in a good computer and a quality internet connection.

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Investment In Money Market Funds

Investment In Money Market Funds

Among different investment choices, you would have picked money market funds to invest your money. These funds focus only on short-term instruments. They are low-risk in nature and are highly liquid. These instruments are very much safe and it complements one’s overall portfolio. The money market funds will help you to realize long-term goals.   In your portfolio, if you prefer a few high-risk instruments, you can continue reading to understand all about it.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to invest in money market funds.

Get as much as information about the money market funds– Money market instruments invests in short-term assets like commercial paper, treasury bills, etc. There are various types of money market instruments that primarily invest in government securities, general purpose securities or tax-exempt municipal securities.  You need to gather all the information related to these funds to help you in the investment process. You also need to understand about these fund’s goals. These funds help in increasing the wealth of the investors through the accumulation of interest. It provides limited wealth growth with limited risk.  In addition, you also need to be aware of the disadvantage of these money market funds.  Few of the organizations charge high fees or expense ratio. These ratios will be mentioned in the prospectus funds which you need to go through carefully before you invest.

Investing in money market funds- Before you pick the money market fund, you need to check the historical yield for the past few years.  This information is easily available on different websites. You should pick a fund which was showing the highest yield.

Buying and keeping track of money market funds- The mutual fund companies or online brokerage firms will help you in investing your money into funds by making an online transfer or writing a check. It is the best place to invest your money if you require that money in the foreseeable future. Just like other funds, even the money market funds to have tracking information that can be easily accessed through your brokerage firm.  You could use the tools provided by your fund managing firm to understand the money that these funds are helping you gain. Also, it helps in actively managing your funds for a longer period.  When it comes to paying your taxes, these funds will trigger extra amount as income tax.  All the dividend and interest received should be reported so that the exact amount of tax need to be paid could be calculated.




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Virtual Currencies- Benefits and Draw Backs

Crypto Currencies have been creating a new revolution in the global financial systems. From the time this new system was introduced, it has been influencing people and institutions to invest time and money in this new proposition. These virtual currencies have been changing the way we are transacting. It is paving way for an exchange system that will not require the services a middleman or central bank. Majority of the institutions view this new advent as a threat while experts believe that it will be the answer to the age-old woes of the traditional financial systems.

Implications of Crypto Currency boom

The introduction of cryptocurrencies has had many consequences both positive and negative. It has definitely laid the foundation towards a system that is independent of a central authority. The system has been able to retain the confidence of those involved in the network as it provides for secure transactions. It has got many leading financial institutions to invest time and effort to study the implications and the usability of this new technology.

It has lead to the launch of many new trading platforms and advanced tools to deal in the cryptocurrencies. There have been many inventions aimed at simplifying the process of trading. It has also affected the wide use of trading robots which perform the complex tasks of trading on behalf of the users.

The Cryptocurrency boom has also increased the mining activities as people are getting attracted to this complex solution because of the rewards associated with the successful completion of each math calculation.

  • The virtual assets network has also been in news for the wrong reasons as well. It has lead to an increase in the number of cyber crimes.
  • Malware attacks have increased prompting organization to install anti-virus that detects and stops the crypto scripts.
  • Scams and fake operators have been plaguing the market with the intention of cheating people of their money.

The investors or users of these trading websites should be cautious while dealing with it. They are expected to do a detailed research of the operator before setting their foot into trading. Crypto Code seems to be a legit website that guarantees stable returns to the users. There have been increased instances of positive feedbacks and testimonials on this software. Read the Crypto Code Review to know how to profit from trading the digital assets online.



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Online Tax Payment or Professional Tax Payer

Taxation has become significant for every citizen. As citizens of any country, it’s crucial that we understand the tax implications and recommendation we make in our life. Most countries have a system of tax payment, people in many countries rely on a tax professional. Since the online tax payment has come into existence, people are now moving into this system of payments. On April 15, 2013, many citizens of US were facing the problems of taxes, they were in confusion about whether they have to pay their taxes by using online software or meet a tax professional. Some people are not familiar with online taxes, so they go ahead with the professional tax assistance. Both the system have their advantages, let us review which tax system is better to save your money.


Low cost when compared to Tax assistance

Many rely on online tax software year after year to file their income because it is easier for them to view their tax. They can file their tax-free of charge or with a nominal fee and they are much software to do so like cryptography blockchains, where this crypto code review was done for this taxation. These software’s are very convenient to use, in fact, you get your refunds quicker than you think, were as dealing with a tax professional, it’s not that easy. But the drawback is that these refunds are not accurate like the professional taxpayer, systems can make mistakes.

Get your money back through Tax professionals

In complex tax returns, a tax professional is the one who can help to get your tax returns. As years pass by the tax code seems to be more complex, in around 2013,inUS, there have been several changes in the tax rules and regulation. The tax professionals in the US are well versed in the tax code and they can break up all aspects of it and find out clearly the deduction of what you’re eligible for.

E Filling Online makes it faster

In 2011, around 100million taxpayer have opted for e filing according to the report that was stated in IRS. A tax professional or an account can mail your return, which may prolong the tax process. While in the case of online software, you can e file and that makes it easier to get your tax return in your bank.

When you look at the bottom line the online software seems to be a good option for the taxpayer, with simple tax returns, without deduction or tax breaks. We can see so many people opting for online tax system as the upfront cost is highly affordable. Though online software’s can save your money they can also make mistakes at the same time, best option for complex tax return would be Professional Tax assistance.

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