Bitcoin- the Standard Traders

Bitcoin- the Standard Traders

A stock market is a place where stocks are traded or exchanged. Investopedia explains it as a collection of markets and exchanges where the issuing and trading equities bonds.

Trading keeps the economy moving; normally we can see the traders are using sovereign currency as payment. However, we can see virtual currency is also used for trading. Today, no longer limited to just trading stocks, we have more selections, such as cryptocurrencies and Forex. To know more the basic and main assets to choose from continue reading which can benefit a trader.


Trading cryptocurrencies have become more popular nowadays. In fact, you can see people who used to trade stocks have switched on to trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be very lucrative, for example, if you had invested $400 in Bitcoin way back in 2009 you would have been a billionaire by now. That’s how trading with Bitcoin works.

The fact is the normal price for cryptocurrency will increase 1000% more in a short span of time. The price of cryptocurrency can increase to 100% in a weeks’ time, that is one of the reasons that people are keen to learn more about this market.

Forex Platform

When it comes to online trading, Forex needs no introduction, it refers to the exchange of foreign currencies, as the price fluctuates against other the trader can make a profit. Forex is known as being the largest and most liquid market in the world. Its daily trading volume is more than $ trillion.Indeed, it is the biggest and most active market in the world.

Life of A trader

As a trader, you get to be your own boss, you are responsible for everything. You make your own decision and nothing will happen unless you do something. Trading Bitcoins is completely transparent, the details of all transaction are stored in one online ledger called blockchain, hence the trading is very secure. Bank transaction can cut up to 10% of your money but bitcoins don’t charge for such.

There are several other reasons for trading

It is noninflationary. Unlike conventional currencies that can trigger inflation if there is excess in the economy. bitcoins doesn’t trigger and the value remains the same. You own your bitcoin account, other electronic payment organizations are owned by some organizations and hence that organization has the right to freeze your account. But in the case of bitcoin, you are your own boss so no one can freeze your account.

Having the single medium of exchange will help the size of the economy to grow as willing a large number of traders to use the medium of exchange. The larger the size of the economy the larger the opportunities for gains from exchange and specialization and perhaps, the longer and more sophisticating the trade can be for traders.

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Getting Started With Bitcoins

Getting Started With Bitcoins

Bitcoin is the digital currency traded online using strong cryptography encryption to verify and secure the transactions. This is a peer-to-peer trade system involving only the buyers and sellers without any intermediaries. Getting started with Bitcoin is very easy. Let us understand how to trade Bitcoins.

  1. Sign up: Like any other trading, you need money to start the Bitcoin trading as well. However, this will be the digital money. The first step would be to sign up for Bitcoin Wallet. This is a digital account made convenient to buy, hold and sell your bitcoins. Web sites such as, are reliable and can help beginners to create bitcoin wallet.
  2. Bank Account: Similar to how we keep our money in wallet/purse, you will need to deposit money in your Bitcoin wallet. The easiest way to do this is to link your bank account to your bitcoin account. Of course, you need to feed in your credentials and you may also be asked for your id proof and contact information. Please note linking your bank account to bitcoin wallet is not risky at all. It is way safer than using your credit cards. Once your accounts are linked, you can use your bank account to purchase bitcoins.
  3. Start to trade: Once you have the money, start to trade in this market. Cryptocurrency market is gaining high importance lately and currency like bitcoins are now internationally accepted as a valid form of payment. Start to trade with lower value to understand the methodology, Retailers such as Amazon, Victoria Secrets, Whole foods accept bitcoins for the purchase of goods.
  4. Sell/Transfer your Bitcoins: While, you can easily buy bitcoins by paying from your bank account, selling bitcoins in exchange for money is not an easy task. The easiest way to sell your bitcoins would be trading in bitcoin marketplace or an exchange. Find a buyer ready to buy your coins. You will get your money only after verification. Also, you would need to obtain address which is like identity key to selling the coins. We now have trading bots in crypto markets to track the market fluctuations, understand market strategies, predict future rate of bitcoins etc. They are like a parachute to the investors. If you are unfamiliar with bitcoin trading, you can seek the help of these bots. Crypto bots work on behalf of users and react to the market changes. This saves time for investors and relieves from market stress. Here is the full review of crypto robots that you might consider purchasing for trading in Bitcoin.

These are the basics to get started with bitcoins. There are millions of users trading in this market considering the demand and return for Bitcoin currency. Start to act before it is too late.

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Cryptocurrency debit cards and their benefits

Cryptocurrencies are upgraded versions of digital currencies that can also be denoted by a variety of assets. Cryptocurrencies are being used for making purchases as there are businesses that accept them for online payments. Trading with cryptocurrencies is straightforward if you choose a trading bot like Bitcoin Code. You can also read a full review to know about what the bot offers to the traders.

As businesses have started exploring the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency payments the spending patterns have changed. There are many who now own a bulk of cryptocurrencies and spend them online. So the crypto wallets were introduced. These are handy in helping crypto investors secure their stash of cryptocurrencies in software or hardware storage and add a secure authentication procedure. And there is yet another concept that is catching up and that is cryptocurrency debit card.

What is a cryptocurrency debit card?

When you own a debit card it would be linked to your account and you would be able to use it at any point-of-service device. When you have the card and when you have the authentication details then you would be able to make the payment. The same convenience of being able to pay with your cryptocurrencies using a card is what cryptocurrency debit cards offer. Though the concept is in its nascent stages there is a good potential for the concept to be widely accepted.

What are the options?

Cryptocurrency cards can come in the form of prepaid cards or as debit cards, the latter being more convenient. The process is achieved with the help of an exchange to support the transactions with the card. The conversions of FIAT to cryptocurrencies and vice versa would be handled by the card provider. The process might not be complicated because using digital payment methods has become a common scenario. There are many places where you can use digital wallets or mobile wallets to quickly transfer funds or process your payments irrespective of the amount being handled.

What is the future of cryptocurrency debit cards?

Cryptocurrency debit cards are highly likely to get more and more popular in the future. The only barriers that the development of cryptocurrency debit cards is facing as of now is the resistance to the new technology which is slowly melting away as people have started understanding the potential of this technology.


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Entrepreneurship-running own business

An entrepreneur is a person or an individual who runs a small business on their own without working as an employee in an organization. Entrepreneurship is just the study about of creation of a business and the process involved in the business. Nowadays, there is a separate course for this in college. Many students are in love with this course. Because nobody wishes to work under a boss, everyone wants them to be the boss.

The requirement to start a business:

There are some steps to follow while starting a new business.

  • The concept of the business should be initially framed so that we can easily start and run.
  • The business needs some resources for the development. So, employees are must to run a successful business.
  • The technology needed for the business development should be created.
  • Money is the first thing needed for any business. So, the entrepreneurs should be ready with some amount of money for the business.

Why business gets started:

Many entrepreneurs do not want to work in a routine 9-5 job under a lead control. So, they are very eager in starting their own businesses. There are some reasons for the entrepreneurs to start a business. They are as follows.

  1. Control- The first reason is the entrepreneurs want the control over the business and they want to be the boss.
  2. Financial- The businessmen want to earn more money to live a luxurious life. So, the entrepreneurs start their own business and try to run it successfully with the emerging technology.
  3. Ambition: Everyone have some ambitions in life. We all work hard to reach our passion in life. The entrepreneurs want something to make themselves to reach the aim. So, they will start a new business in which field they are well versed and run that in a perfect manner.

Kind of business to start:

The kind of business which the persons going to start purely depends on the individuals. It can be based on any one of the following.

  • Interest
  • Financial status
  • Network connections
  • The past experience in the field
  • The trending needs in the market
  • The ability to solve the type of problems


Thus conclude that there are many entrepreneurs who succeeded in life by doing businesses on their own. Some of the famous entrepreneurs are Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and the list will go on. They will deposit the money earned from the business into some trading software to buy or sell trades. We can use this review as a step to start a business and succeed in life as the best entrepreneur in future.

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Smart contracts and Ethereum

The second most sought after cryptocurrency in the digital market is Ethereum. Investors and crypto enthusiasts are showing a lot of interest in it. It is relatively new to the cryptocurrency world and has already marked its presence in the crypto world. Although Ethereum is largely understood by tech-savvy people less tech-savvy people can also access it.

Bitcoin was launched much before Ethereum, so it is nothing new for a trader who has already traded with Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also decentralized i.e., it is not governed by any financial institution but its security cannot be questioned as it ensures safe and secure transaction, as blockchain is the backbone of both the technology.

Blockchain verifies and records all the digital transaction; it works as a digital ledger.  The network of computers known as nodes keeps the record of all the blockchain. When a new block is added to the blockchain it gets validated immediately. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum both use blockchain technology there is a substantial difference between the two.

For Bitcoin, blockchain tracks the transaction owner but for Ethereum it runs the programming code for an application. On Ethereum network blockchain is largely used to pay transaction and Service fees by the application developers.

Ethereum enables application developers to create smart contracts, smart contracts helps in executing certain tasks under certain circumstances, as directed by its creator.  For example, it can be used to pay ether on certain date depending on certain situations.

But Ethereum is not the first cryptocurrency to use smart contracts, Bitcoin is the pioneer to it. Bitcoin also uses smart contracts for the transaction when certain criteria are met. But Ethereum has outrun Bitcoin in this as it gives its application developer to write their own smart contract program.

Areas of smart contracts are:

  • It allows the transaction to happen only when a certain percentage of people agree to do that.
  • It helps to manage agreements between two parties.
  • It works as a library for its application developer.
  • It also stores domain information or membership records.

To work efficiently smart contracts needs support from other smarts contracts, one contract will work on the outside data and the other contract will work according to the information received from the first contract. For working on each contract transaction fees are required which is paid in the ether. check this out to know more about smart contracts.







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