Assessing To Enter Or Exit A Business

Assessing To Enter Or Exit A Business

A research that is carried out by entrepreneurs to make sure about their decision of whether to get into or not in a specific business or sometimes to sometimes in order to improve a business plan is known as ‘Business Research’. On the other hand, the same search is carried out by a business that is already established to decide whether their business will be successful in a new geographic area, evaluates competitors or a marketing approach is selected for a particular item. In order to achieve these tasks, businesses can select from a wide range of research techniques such as:

Case Studies

If the entrepreneurs want to understand all the aspects of the businesses in a comprehensive manner as to how the consumers will be reacting and responding to a service or product, case studies are conducted. Case studies are also conducted to know, is it a safe product. The goal of case studies is to develop a thorough evaluation of the following:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Use of the product
  • What attitude they have toward the product

The full assessment development is done is in relevant condition. You can consider an example of a professional knife production. In this case what the company will do is they will develop a professional knife and will hand it over the high-grade chefs to use if for a couple of months and collect all the data over these months about the product. All the data that is collected may include an observation of the chef making use of the knife on-site and also may conduct a survey or an interview with the chef. Case studies will allow gathering all the information in depth but they are generally time to consume.


Another low cost and a huge amount of information can be gathered by doing this type of research technique which is very common all over the world are known as a survey. By doing a survey for a product not only can we collect a lot of data but it can be got in a very less time. Since the surveys have become widely spread having a firm methodology and a number of samples will make it reasonably easy to set up a good survey that will collect relevant information. As easy as doing a survey might sound it does have a few downsides:

  • The people in the market that is targeted might not respond.
  • Incomplete surveys.
  • Very fewer data about the targeted market