AVG CloudCare: an IT Admin Platform that you Should Consider

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Most software vendors nowadays try to convince MSPs and channel partners that their solution is easy to use and has all the features that your clients need. Every day I receive a lot of emails from several vendors to inform me that they’ve launched the right product for channel partners. Needless to say, most of them end up in my trash bin. However this week I received an email from AVG to let me know that they’ve just launched their AVG CloudCare solution. I read it quickly and there was something that was not so common in other vendor alerts, it stated that several MSPs and channel partners tested the solution and helped in the development process. You might say, well, why are you so surprised? I am indeed. Most of the time software vendors create solutions either because they THINK that it is the right solution for their customers or else to try and copy their competitors and hopefully get some of their clients. However this is not the case with AVG, in fact I scheduled a call with Luke Walling, the company’s VP of Sales and Operations to discuss how CloudCare will help MSPs and channel partners.

Luke started the conversation by stating that difficult economic times are forcing SMBs to keep tight hold on their IT budgets and demand more from their service providers. Most of the time MSPs and channel partners are frustrated because they only find solutions designed for enterprises and not specifically for SMBs. With this in mind AVG developed CloudCare, a free cloud-based IT administrative platform to help IT resellers manage and protect small business customers with AVG Antivirus and AVG Content Filtering. As part of the AVG CloudCare platform, partners will have the ability to use AVG Remote IT. This is a free tool that lets resellers remotely access and troubleshoot issues on their customers’ devices from anywhere.

I asked Luke to explain a bit more on how AVG is going to charge for the services used. He clearly stated that AVG won’t charge any up-front fees however it is a pay-as-you-go service where AVG will only charge for the actual services used, in this case AVG Antivirus and AVG Content Filtering.

Some other features of AVG CloudCare that might interest you include:

-Remote, one-click deployment for installs and activations, eliminating the need for costly on-site visits

-Keyless licensing and easy-to-use preset policies that remove administrative hassles in managing accounts

-Real-time updates and automated upgrades for up-to-date protection and security

-Automatic alerts that signal customer needs and opportunities, leading to increased sales

-Customizable reports that showcase the value channel partners are providing

-Fully-functional, no obligation 30 day trial before purchase

As part of the interview I’ve also had the opportunity to see the interface of AVG CloudCare as well as the different features that it has. It was quite obvious that the solution is easy to use and has only features that you would normally use. This confirms that AVG did in fact consider the input from their channel partners in the development process.

AVG CloudCare is currently available via AVG resellers in North America, the UK and Ireland. To find out more or maybe become an AVG CloudCare partner, go to: http://www.avg.com/us-en/cloudcare

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